Up & Down Mechanical Jar & Accelerator


Coiled Tubing fishing is becoming and increasingly popular option, within the oil industry, due to the significantly faster trip times and its ability to pull and circulate with high pressure.

In the past, a problem arose if the fish could not be pulled without the application of a shock load to the fish.  Coil tubing units, by themselves, are not capable of applying a shock load (upward or downward).  In order to complete the technology of coil tubing fishing, it became necessary to develop a device that could apply a shock load upward or downward.  This device is a combination of 2 units, an accelerator (intensifier) and a jar.

The Taylor Made Up & Down Intensifier provides both upward and downward jar intensification.  In addition, the intensifier works to protect the pipe from shock load.  Particularly valuable at shallow depths, the intensifier provides stroke that is not available in the pipe.  The stroke of the intensifier compliments the jar stroke and self adjusts to the various release settings of the jar.

The Taylor Made  Mechanical Up & Down Jar delivers both upward and downward impact.  Upward impact is achieved by upward strain sufficient to overcome the selected up release setting.  Downward impact is achieved by applying downward compression sufficient to overcome the selected down release setting.  Either upward or downward impact can be delivered by returning the jar to neutral weight and then applying strain or compression in the direction of desired impact.  The upward and downward release setting are independent and adjusted separately.


Design Features

bulletFully Mechanical
bulletNot Affected by Temperature
bulletNot Affected by Pressure
bulletUp & Down Acceleration/Impact
bulletSealed for Circulation
bulletTorque Transmitting
bulletNot dependent on Seals for Performance


Jars and Accelerators are Pre-Set and Tested

jartest.jpg (5630 bytes) On surface, Jars are tested for proper release setting and function.  On site adjustment can be performed based on the pre-job calibration.

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