Tubing Cleaner




The Taylor Made Tubing Cleaner will remove scale, cement, barium, and paraffin.  The spring loaded pivotal blades allow the tubing cleaner to pass through normal tubing restrictions and clean out to the full tubing ID.  Blades are specially designed to pass through the minimum restriction and expand to the tubing drift diameter.  Either rotated from surface or below a motor, the tubing cleaner blades have sufficient spring loading for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Design Features

bulletField Tested and Proven.
bulletBlade Cleaning Parts
bulletPivotal Carbide Blades
  Case History - (more available upon request)

"Used Taylor 2 3/8 Tubing Cleaner modified to run through a 1.90 Profile Nipple set at 16,149 feet on 2 7/8 tubing and into 3 inch 12.95# Liner to drill out 400 feet of cement from squeeze job. Drilled out cement to 2 inches OD with the Taylor Made Tubing Cleaner to a total depth of 17,030 feet with a Bottom Hole Temperature of 260 degrees. Bit seemed to cut best with a mud rate of 42 - 44 G.P.M. used in conjunction with a high temp friction reducer. This job was performed with 1 1/2 inch coil tubing and a 1.69 Mud Motor. Your tool (Taylor Made Tubing Cleaner) exceeded my expectations for job performance. The drill phase was completed in 10 hours."

Carbide Blades

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Carbide Blades are designed for each job.  The blades are then gauged to pass through the minimum tubing restriction and clean out to tubing drift diameter.

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