Safety Hydraulic Release




The Taylor Made Safety Hydraulic Release is a component of the Taylor Made Motor Head Assembly.  The individual Safety Hydraulic Release can be adapted to the standard Motor Head Assembly.  This design of Hydraulic Release utilizes splines and grooves for torque transmission rather than tabs.  An adjustment nut takes up any slack from wear or machining tolerances.  Eliminating slack prevents movement that can result in fatigue failure.  A lock ring replaces the more conventional collet or dog/window design.

The modular design provides versatility of ball seat and ball size selection, top and bottom connections, installation of other components, and shear value.  Circulation ports and shear screw holes through body part are eliminated thus preventing potential leaks.  Once separated, the abandoned fish neck can be latched with standard pulling tools.


Design Features

bulletPrevents Fatigue Due to Slack
bulletFish Neck Free of Tabs
bulletNo External Holes through body parts.
bulletAdapts to Motor Head Assembly.

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