Ratchet Spear - Heavy Duty

Vertical Catch  & Vertical Release




The Taylor Made Ratchet Spear is a Vertical Catch/Vertical Release internal pulling tool.  Deployed in the release position, the spear will automatically engage upon contact with the fish.  Applying approximately 250 lb. slack off weight will cause the spear to release from the fish.  The activation from release to engage can be repeated as many times as required.  There are no shear pins, the ratchet mechanism cycles the slip between the release and engage position.

Slips and Nose Cones are easily changed to accommodate a variety of fish dimensions.  Smaller diameter spears can be converted to utilize much larger diameter slips and nose cones.

Design Features

bulletNo shear pins.
bulletSealed for Circulation.
bulletVertical Catch/Release
bulletMechanically Operated

Slips and Cones

slips.jpg (175381 bytes)

A wide variety of nose cones, slips, extensions, guides, and adapters can be added to the standard spear.

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