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               . . . . We listen to our customers; Their success is Our success. . . . .

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Commitment to Quality    

Our proven, patented tools are manufactured, inspected, and tested using quality procedures to ensure consistent down hole operation.

We have a manufacturing quality program in place; material traceability on the tools that we manufacture is available.   Our quality program begins with the purchase of raw materials, followed by precision manufacturing procedures, inspection, and finalized by our customized shipping to customer requirements. 


Taylor Made Oil Tools has taken Quality one step higher.  Quality states that a process is performed with strict standards to provide consistent results (zero defects).  At Taylor Made, we have injected a ReEngineering mindset; Yes, a consistent product is an Absolute, but we want Better.  Our Design Engineering staff is constantly searching for new, more efficient methods to solve Thru Tubing problems.

We listen to our customers; Their success is Our success.  We continuously strive to improve service, products, and manufacturing processes for the betterment of our company and our customers.

Customized and specialty designed tools can be manufactured to meet unique requirements. 


Taylor Made Oil Tools -

The Pioneer of Vertical Catch /  Vertical Release Fishing Tools