Tubing End/Nipple Locator




The Taylor Made Tubing End Locator  provides a reliable surface indication of production string restrictions and the tubing end for depth correlation.  Within the production tubing, drag will be approximately 1000 to 1200 lb.  When a normal nipple restriction is reached drag will increase approximately 400 lb.  When the end of the production tubing is reached all drag produced by the tubing end locator will be lost.  The process of location restriction can be repeated as many times as desired. 

Design Features

bulletRepeatable Surface Indications
bulletCan be used as a Centralizer
bulletCan be used as a Friction Tool
bulletLocates Landing Nipples and Tubing End
  A Case History - (more available upon request)

Inside 3 1/2" tubing using 1 1/2" coiled tubing, the Taylor Made Locator identified nipples and tubing end to set Packer, in excess of 15,000 FT. Logging proved Packer was set within 9-12". All other (non Taylor Made) CCL attempts failed. Taylor Made's Tubing End Locator was successful.

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