Indexing Tool




The Taylor Made Indexing Tools rotates bottom hole pressure in 60 degree increments. Use the indexing tool to by-pass ledges or obstructions, rotate fishing tools, or align BHA with fish.  The indexing tool is available with either mechanical or hydraulic activation.

The mechanical model rotates by applying slack off weight. Each time slack off weight is applied partial rotation occurs.  When relieved, the tool's bottom sub completes the 60 degree incremental rotation. 

Hydraulic models rotate partially each time the pump rate is increased to exceed the pre-set activation rate.  When circulation is stopped, the 60 degree incremental rotation is completed.  Hydraulic models also rotate by applying and relieving slack off weight. 

Design Features

bulletMechanical or Hydraulic/Mechanical
bulletLarge bore/pump through I.D. (Mechanical Model)
bulletRotation concurrent with weight application.
bulletHeavy Duty design for installation in fishing tool strings.
  A Case History - (more available upon request)

February 1996, Gulf of Mexico: A coiled tubing job using the indexing tool consisted of leaving 2 7/8" tubing; entering 5 1/2" casing; and re-entering 2 3/8" tubing gravel-pack packer and screen. A common wash tool was run below the indexing tool. All prior attempts to get down with conventional CTU wash tools had failed.

Mule Shoe and Cut Lip Guides

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A mule shoe wash nozzle attached to the indexing tool can help by-pass a liner top.  A cut lip guide attached to an overshot and installed below the indexing tool can help align with a fish. Mule Shoe and Cut Lip Guides can be used to orientate the BHA, align the BHA, or bypass an obstruction.

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