Hydro Mechanical Pulling Tool

Mechanical Catch & Hydraulic Release

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The Taylor Made Hydraulic Pulling Tool is used to latch & retrieve plugs, chokes, safety valves, and other downhole devices that have standard Internal fishing necks.  The tool is deployed in the engage mode and will not actuate to the release mode until pumping has ceased and pressure equalized at the tool.  Applying approximately 200 lbs slack off weight and increasing pump pressure sufficient enough to create approximately 500 PSI pressure drop will cause the tool to release.  The pulling tool will remain in the released position until pumping has ceased and the pressure at the tool allowed to equalize.   Once equalized, the tool will return to the engage position.  In addition, the tool design incorporates an emergency release feature that will mechanically lock the tool in the release position after excessive downward jarring has been applied.  The pulling tool may be pinned in the automatic release position and will actuate to the release position any time pump pressure is applied and requires no application of weight for actuation.

Design Features

bulletEngages Standard Fishing Necks.
bulletRepeatable Release/Engage Activation.
bulletHydraulic Section Attaches to Standard GS tools.
bulletMechanical Emergency Release.
bulletWill Not Release when Retrieving Fish and Circulating.
bulletOptional Position for Use as Running Tool.
  A Case History - (more available upon request)

Major service company and oil company used the Hydro-Mechanical Tool to retrieve and reset a through tubing gravel pack. Did not want to disturb the gravel pack. Gravel pack was retrieved and reset was successful. The job was done in the Louisiana Gulf Coast area.

No Weight & Weight Applied Positions

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No Weight Applied Position

Dogs in Latch Position.

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Weight Applied Position

Dogs in Release Position.

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