Torque Transmitting

Deployment Union




The Taylor Made Torque Transmitting Deployment Union is designed to couple and uncouple bottom hole assemblies that cannot be rotated onto the coiled tubing.  Once attached, the clutch provides torque transmission in the bottom hole assembly.  Lengthy tool strings can be lubricated below the wellhead by wireline and reattached to coiled tubing, eliminating the need for excessive coiled tubing riser height.

Design Features

bulletThe tool string may be deployed by wireline and hung off in the slip and tubing rams.   Utilizing a short riser, coiled tubing can be re-attach to the hung off tool string.
  A Case History - (more available upon request)

"The tool (Taylor Made Deployment Union) you sent us worked very well. The company man on location and the wireline people like it and everybody really liked the fact that we done away with 36 foot of lubricator and the cost of a large crane.   The tool (Taylor Made Deployment Union) worked great and I would run it again in a Heart Beat."

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