Circulating Junk Basket





The Taylor Made Circulating Junk Basket is designed to retrieve small and light debris that cannot be removed using standard mechanical tools.  Circulation through the jet body creates a pressure differential between the ambient fluid and the trap body chamber causing flow into the trap body.  Light debris or junk is caught in the flow path and circulated into the trap body.  Junk captured by trap body is held in place by the junk trap when circulation has ceased.  A filter located below the jet body prevents debris from plugging the jet port and allows filtered fluid to circulate through the jet body.   The jet body has removable jet orifices for replacing worn jets or selecting different orifices to maximize the pressure drop across the jet body.  Hole conditions, fluid conditions, and conveyance may require selecting a jet with a larger or smaller orifice diameter.

Design Features

bulletFlutter Trap
bulletStainless steel filters and flutter traps prevent debris from escaping the junk basket.

Traps and Filters

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Stainless Steel Filters and Flutter Traps prevent debris from escaping the junk basket.

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